Fujitsu on Vista clean installs- just say no


I’m not the only one who had a messed up machine when I tried to upgrade my P1610 to Vista, just follow the comments in this thread. Totally confusing the issue of upgrade vs. clean install Fujitsu wades in with this email sent to reader Andrew Forde:

Dear Andrew,

Thank you for your inquiry.

I understand that you would like to know if you can install the Vista upgrade an a clean hard drive.

No.  You need to have the original operating system on the drive, do the BIOS update, install the Vista upgrade, then go to our site to get the Vista drivers.

Andrew, should you have any further questions or concerns regarding this issue, please reply back to this email and refer to call detail number XXXX.

Thank you for your time and patronage.  We value all our customers and look forward to helping you now and in the future.

Susan M.
Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation Technical Support

Andrew is having trouble getting the OmniPass software to work and had written to Fujitsu for help. I’m now confused, how about you?



I just upgraded my XP Pro with Ultimate upgrade version. I had a 25G “C” drive and a 49.5G “D” drive.

I did the firmware upgrade under XP.

I completed the Vista upgrade and proceeded to intall every Fujitsu Vista driver in order except for the fingerprint driver that I put in front of the fingerprint application.

My fingerprint scanner is working and allowing me to log into Vista after startup with the swipe of my thumb.

You guys are scaring me with all this failure talk and I am wondering why I dumb lucked into what appears to be everything working. Maybe I am too early in the game and when I add some apps in I will find problems.


When installing Vista I am selecting to remove the existing partition and start from fresh.

However I did just try XP upgraded to Vista and that also failed. I’ll try the firewall idea, something I haven’t tried yet.

If I can get my image to restore!! :)


If you have onecare or another firewall running, it won’t (WMDC) detect your mobile device. Took me forever to figure this simple one out. try it and you’ll see

Dave Z

acetuk – when you do a clean install, are you actually wiping the entire drive and starting from bare metal? I was just reading James’ “kicked out of the social” post where he mentions that the “clean” install from XP actually backs up the XP installation to a separate folder. If that’s the case, some of the XP-version apps and drivers still might be mucking things up under Vista.


I’m the one with the pain in the email above!

Is everyone only using the drivers and apps from the website? Has anyone got a DVD yet to use – I don’t think we will get them in the UK?

Who has used a clean install and who an upgrade and been successful in having Omnipass work? That’s my problem – Omnipass refuses to install no matter what I do rendering the fingerprint reader useless. And I really use it a lot for passwords.


Hi Andrew
I can feel you pain when you cannot install P1610 properly especially you have to use it alot. Foruntately, my little bird, T4215, works extremely well with clean installed and the drivers offered by Fujitsu. Good lucks to you.

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