Available for adoption: one Samsung Q1 UMPC



That’s right, if you missed out on the $749 Q1 over at Woot! earlier in the week, or you’ve just been holding out for a UMPC celebrity, you’ve got another shot. I did have someone interested but that person has decided against purchasing a UMPC at this time. As regular readers are aware, I’ve replaced Sammy with a Q1P named Samantha. I did this to squeak out a little more performance out of my UMPC; no other reason. So that opens up the door for one family to adopt my original Samsung Q1 model that I purchased last May and have written so much about. Here’s the basic specs and contents of what’s available if you need a refresher:

  • One factory restored Samsung Q1 UMPC, well used, but in excellent shape (no visible damage or screen scratches)
  • Intel Celeron 900 MHz CPU model
  • 1 GB RAM lovingly upgraded by yours truly
  • All original packaging, software CDs, standard battery, carry case, etc. If it was in the box when I got it, you get it.

Here’s the deal: I was going to put Sammy up on eBay but decided I’d rather have him go to a good home. For the next week, I’ll take e-mails from any interested jkOnTheRun readers that want a shot at adopting Sammy; get your note in by end of day, Saturday the 10th. In your e-mail, I want to know what your last, best offer is for Sammy. I will cover UPS Ground shipping so you’re just telling me what you’re willing to pay and ideally, I’d prefer PayPal for payment. If I can get a reasonable offer, I’ll take the top one. I don’t expect to make money on this (after all, I paid $1,099 plus another $100+ to upgrade the RAM to 1 GB!), but I have a number in mind that will get Sammy in your home. Your e-mails are non-binding, but I’d appreciate serious inquires only. If I don’t find a reasonable offer (no, $300 is not a reasonable offer), I’ll try eBay the following week.

Click this link to generate an e-mail (or if you use Gmail or another web-based mail program, put the word Sammy in your subject line) and be sure to give me your one best offer. It’s that simple!

Got questions about Sammy or the package contents? Just post ’em here in the comments and I’ll answer them for all to see. Thanks!


Kevin C. Tofel

Since I wear glasses, I actually use the same microfiber cleaning cloths that came with my specs! :) I’m sure that stores carry eyeglass cleaning cloths; not the ones with any type of chemical solution on them, just microfiber cleaning cloths.

Lorie Ghamy


is the microfiber cloth those original blue one inclued with Samsunq Q1. If not have you a special model to preconize ?

Thanks again.

Kevin C. Tofel

I do not use a screen protector on either device. The screen has no residual pen marks because I use a microfiber cloth to “buff” the screen once per week. No scratches and no marks, although I know what you’re describing.

Lorie Ghamy


Are you always using screen protector on Sammy or Samantha. The use of the pen on mine is visible on certains parts of the screen…. Is there a polish for that before to put a screen protector ???

Thanks a lot…

Bobby Chapman

Well I’d love to adopt Sammy with my income check, but it was for negative two hundred dollars, so I have literally no money.

I was already broke, but Uncle Sam wasn’t happy with me making less than 10,000k this year, so he decided to take a bit more. Too bad I cant count girlfriends kids as a tax write off. Maybe then I’d have some savings.

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