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How to: store and organize mobile ‘clutter’


After days, weeks, years of staring at mobile "clutter" in my home office, I decided to spend some quality clean-up time. It’s astounding how many memory cards, USB cables of every size and other mobile stuff you keep for a rainy day. Maybe I’m the only one who keeps all this crap, but I doubt it. I decided to consolidate and aggregate all of these little things because you literally can’t walk in my office without stepping on some of them, yet you can never find exactly what you need.

I put some thought into this and decided a few things:

  1. I can’t keep everything, so a few non-essential, or duplicate items are going bye-bye. Besides, do you really need 13 different USB cables?
  2. A simple solution is likely the best solution.
  3. A cheap and simple solution is even better.

There’s only three things needed in my approach: an inexpensive craft/hobby organizer (although a fishing tackle box will do), twist-ties, a little time. I found a well-sized, plastic craft organizer at my favorite French merchandiser: Target. (Yes, we pronounce it: Tar-jhay.) Cost of the organizer: $12. We already had twist-ties for our garbage (or gar-bahj if you’re gettin’ into the "Frang-laise slang"), so I snagged a few of those.

After that, I just weeded through the many cables, USB drives and other mobile paraphernalia I had. It’s always nice to have extra cables and such, but just a few will do.


In the end, I kept a few basic USB cables, a portable hard drive my son and I took from an old laptop and put into a USB enclosure, two cables with peer-to-peer networking capability for file transfers, mini-screwdrivers, external battery tips. I also put a few other items to illustrate how useful this setup can be for carrying or storing extra batteries, styli, etc…


In the end, I invested a few dollars and about 30 minutes of my time. Now I can walk around the office plus I have all of my key items in a storage container that’s easy to carry and bring along when needed.

8 Responses to “How to: store and organize mobile ‘clutter’”

  1. Looks like a great solution for the stuff you always use!

    I’ve started to organize a slightly different clutter (the stuff that comes comes in the box, but you aren’t using) with the larger size zip lock bags. Not sure how well it’s going to work in the long run, but it’s helpful now. And you can label them and throw them in a bigger container to store.

    I throw away most of my boxes, so pretty soon I didn’t know where anything was if it wasn’t currently in use. This is one way to deal with that relatively efficiently, and it can also be a way to store, say, all your USB cables together.