Advanced searching and tags in Vista: Lifehacker

Vista_search_tagGina’s got a great Vista productivity article over at Lifehacker that illustrates some of the newer, time-saving features of the new OS: tagging files and saved searches. Remember that desktop search is basically embedded into Vista; it’s everywhere throughout the experience and it’s definitely integrated well in my view. Typing the word "notepad" for example, will obviously return a shortcut to the notepad executable, but will also serve up links to any e-mails or docs with "notepad" in them, previously viewed webpages with "notepad", etc….all in all, a fantastic productivity-booster.

Gina covers the finer points of tagging your files and then taking advantage of using the "tags:" parameter in your desktop search to quickly find what you need in a more customized manner. Saving your searches is another nifty feature that I haven’t made use of yet, but after reading this Lifehacker article, I’ll have to give it a try.


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