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CEO Of Mauj Telecom Arun Gupta Resigns From The Company

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You’re reading it here first: Arun Gupta, CEO and one of the promoters of mobile content firm Mauj Telecom has resigned from the company, sources have confirmed to ContentSutra. We’re awaiting an official statement from Mauj.
Before founding Mauj Telecom, Gupta was with Yahoo India, and has over 18 years of experience in the media and technology business, having worked with CNET, MTV, Yahoo, and Star TV Group in India, US and Hongkong.
Things seem to be looking up for Mauj, having recently signed a deal with Eros for Bollywood content. It has about $10 million in venture funding fom blue-chips VC funds such as WestBridge Capital, Intel Capital and Sequoia Capital. I wonder why he’s leaving…possibly has to do with VCs looking for a different direction than the CEO.

13 Responses to “CEO Of Mauj Telecom Arun Gupta Resigns From The Company”

  1. welwisher

    Some one has said "Allways love your work never love the organisation" I am sure Mr Gupta has found something very interesting and therefore he has moved on .I think its fine ,after all the only thing constent in nature is CHANGE. Good luck

  2. Hey Arun, you seem to have a huge fan following. Maybe, if you did a "shaadi" with these guys and a new bunch of investors, you could have some "mauj" of your own? :-)

  3. Suraj Sharma

    Rahul seems to be completely ignorant about both arun, mauj and the vas industry.
    i was shocked to read the blasphemy that is being passed as user comment and too for a pioneer like mr.gupta. mr editor pls note.
    gupta has pretty much kickstarted the vas business in india while at yahoo as early as 2000. it takes a visionary to do that. he is extremely well respected within both the internet and mobile industry in india and globally.
    Mauj is really his baby. he has put together a fantastic management team. mauj was one of the last players to enter the industry and highly undercapitalised( the initial seed capital provided by mr mittal was as low as rs 50-60lakh it seems- this is well known in the venture capital industry since they raised 1st round early this year)
    it is pretty much mind boggling that somebody built such a powerful brand and business with so little capital.
    most people at mauj probably havent even ever seen mr mittal.(obviously not to take away anything from him. it does take a smart guy to recognise and back another)
    i am not sure who owns a large chunk. it probably is mr mittal( i dont know) and then ofcourse vcs. but to even remotely suggest that mr mittal does everything(he actually right from the start has not had anything whatsoever to do with day to day operations there.)
    gupta could be ever fired from mauj is a bloody joke. it is actually too sick to even call it a joke.
    i have friends within both mauj and the people group in general. so the above information is based on what i have been hearing from them all along last 3 years and even now.

  4. good riddance to him.What does he do there anyway.
    Anumpam Mittal does everything…and controls everything.Ultimately he is the owner.How did arun quit …he needs to encash stock options…he may not be vested fully…so is he being fired ?