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The fact I’ve been offline for almost 24 hours should tell you how my adventure in Vista land has gone.  I first attempted to upgrade over my existing WinXP installation on the Fujitsu P1610 and that went as well as can be expected.  First blue screen (two in fact) I’ve seen in two years.  I finally threw in the towel tonight and am performing a clean install and am to the point I can at least get online and post this.  I am not going to install all of the Fujitsu Vista drivers this time around, the Video driver in particular hosed everything up.  It’s not needed as my video is performing perfectly right out of Vista.  More detail on the upgrade fiasco later, probably tomorrow.

Happy installing!



Thanks JK, I’ve done hours of searching on google and no joy. Anyone else have the Omnipass Vista version they can send me?

BTW JK awesome site, you were the main factor in my purchasing my 1610 and fearlessly upgrading it to Vista.


spinedoc, There is a Vista fingerprint app that I see Fujitsu has now removed from the download list. The XP app will not work on Vista. Check one of the other Fujitsu sites and see if the app is s still available there.


Anyone else having trouble with Omnipass on a vista installation? I upgraded and installed all the vista drivers including the fingerprint driver. I downloaded and installed the Omnipass software under the XP software from Fujitsu (assuming there is no vista omnipass software?) and I restarted.

Starting omnipass I attempt to enroll a new user, put in my login name and password and click next. Omnipass then sits ther with a spinning hourglass and a “Please wait while your password is verified…” It just sits there forever.

Any ideas?


This is interesting. I note that JK has posted that he has Vista working on his P1610 relatively fine including the fingerprint scanner. I’ve typing this in XP, about to take an image to get here again quickly and then I’ll try to upgrade to Vista.


I’ve got Vista Enterprise dual-booting on my R2H. It’s painful. My WiFi NIC disappears from Device Manager, I never know which resolution is going to work right after a reboot, and the touchscreen cuts out. I suppose I should just wait for Asus to release Vista drivers, but I think we’ve waited long enough.

Dave Z

acetuk – I tried both upgrade and clean installs, and the upgrade was a mess. Clean install is the only way to go with this machine, and I went so far as to delete the existing partition and totally reformat the drive.

Dave Z

acetuk – I tried both upgrade and clean installs, and the upgrade was a mess. Clean install is the only way to go with this machine, and I went so far as to delete the existing partition and totally reformat the drive.


You need to install the bluetooth stack as supplied by Fujitsu. For the P1610 they’ve released a Vista version which so far looks to work fine.

William C Bonner

I’m using a Fujitsu P7120, and have been thinking that I’ll probably try vista on it in the next few months. It required me installing a toshiba bluetooth stack from the install CDs to get bluetooth working under XP.

Do you know if your 1610 does bluetooth in vista out of the box, or if you have to install some third party stack?


I’m a little stumped at what to do now. I’ve nearly got Outlook back up and sync’d to my remote echange account and I have a number of drivers to install but then I will be back where I started.

Fujitsu have given me this link with Vista upgrade info –

It lists a number of things that we need to be aware of. This might be of help to some. Now I need to decide if I want to put XP on again and try to upgrade. I don’t know if I can afford the time and effort right now but It’s a pain having to tap my passwords in constantly.


Vista upgrades fail miserably most of the time. I’m very disappointed. I could not upgrade my Q1; but I have not perform a clean install yet. I still waiting for Samsung’s Vista Drivers and BIO.


Nope, no joy, no go. It continues to fail to install. Fujitu’s latest response is to install XP again and upgrade through to Vista and not clean install.

As we know that’s not a great idea. However Dave is that what you did? Clean install on a blank harddrive or an upgrade?


Well I’m back again! I spent a while reinstalling XP so I could run the bios update again, even though it told me that I had already run it.

Then I reinstalled Vista cleanly.

Here I am, with just the main drivers in place and the immediate updates run by Vista. I’ve created a backup using the Vista Business backup tool (very nice, much quicker than how I use to do it) and am now about to install the drivers.

I think I’ll do as you did and install them in the order listed other than swap the fingerprint driver and app around.

Wish me luck – I need this thing running tomorrow as I’m finishing a project and I use OneNote on it for my notes. Fingerprint reader or not it has to be running!

Dave Z

Nope, no bios update here. I saw that it was available and supposedly addresses some issue with the TPM and Vista, but it doesn’t appear to be anything I can’t function without. I’m holding off until I can run it under Vista.

Oddly enough, the error you are getting is the same one I got when I did the upgrade install – only for me it was with the radio control control panel applet.


I just got the following back from Fujitsu support –

Thank you for your inquiry.

In regards to the issue you are reporting, our recommendation is to
remove VISTA and run Recovery to return Windows XP.

After the Windows XP is back, you must then do the BIOS update by going
to our web site:

Once the BIOS upgrade is completed, then load VISTA . Then go the the
above web site again and download the VISTA drivers.

— hmmm, interesting. I have already applied the bios update while XP was installed. I’ve emailed them back asking why I need to do it again.

Dave / jk / anyone else, did you run the bios update?


Well, i got TPM working – i didn’t realise I needed to turn the bios password on. So that’s resolved.

But no matter what I do I cannot get Omnipass to install. I starts and then tells me it cannot be installed on this PC. It is obviously checking for something and then stopping the install.

I started by thinking it must be the driver but as you have it running on your US P1610 and it stops installing on my UK P1610 then I don’t know what to think.

I’ve emailed Fujitsu for help and filled in their registration form. Fingers crossed they will have an idea.


I’m back, still no joy. I’ve installed a couple of drivers and then the finger print driver and then Omnipass. Omnipass fails every time. I wondering if this is a regional thing – I’m in the UK, is Omnipass not for use over here?


Ok, i don’t see a choice but to format and reinstall! I do need the Omnipass that much, ifeel way too secure without it.

I’ll be back in a bit, once I’ve got this baby running again.

In the meantime I checked my bios and the TPM chip is disabled and I can’t turn it on!!! That’s strange.

Wish me luck.

Dave Z

Well I did have the TPM chip disabled in the BIOS, so I enabled it and booted back up and OmniPass is still working ok. Vista detected the chip and I see it in device manager now, so no problems there. So much for that…

Dave Z

That sucks – I hate it when you hit one little thing that won’t work!

When I set mine up I installed Vista Business as a clean install, then went down the list of Vista drivers (in alphabetical order as they appeared in the folder) and installed each one. The only exception to the order was the fingerprint driver and app, which I installed in the order mentioned above. I didn’t do anything else to make the fingerprint reader work, and I never even used it with XP. I don’t see a TPM device listed in device manager, which now makes me wonder if I have something disabled in the BIOS? (I have way too many machines, so I don’t remember what the BIOS options are on this one) After I post this I’ll reboot and take a look.

For imaging we use Altiris RDeploy (equivalent to Ghost or any other disk imaging software) and bootable USB drives (using BartPE). Taking the image certainly isn’t a 10-minute process, but for most of our machines it takes between 2 and 3 minutes to lay the image back down onto the drive. I am talking about a clean image here, so I’m not trying to restore a ton of video or music files – I keep all that stuff on an external drive so I don’t have to worry about backing up and restoring it every time I decide to reimage a machine. I’m looking forward to using the sync features in Vista to help with that now.


No joy. I uninstalled the fingerprint reader and driver. Used regedit and deleted any key for Softex and Omnipage. Reinstalled the fingerprint reader without problem. Try to install Omnipage and an told it cannot install on this PC.

Did you install anything to do with the TPM chip? I am guessing Omnipage is looking for a compatible device and for some reason my fingerprint reader is not one.

Also Dave what are you using for imaging? Software and hardware? I image to a USB attached hard disk and it is very slow to do – over an hour. I would love ten minutes!!


Hang on… I’ll download fresh copies of both and try this again. Finger crossed it’s me! :)

Dave Z

I’m using OmniPass on my P1610 right now with Vista, and it’s working fine for both the Windows login and capturing authentication to web sites. It’s the one from Fujitsu, so there must be a problem with something else on your machine.

All I can say is that I installed the FINGERPRINTDRIVER_AUTHENTIC_V7.7.0.22 package first, followed by the FINGERPRINTAPP_SOFTEX_V5.00.10 package.


Well I’m running generally ok at the moment – a clean install of Business using all of the Fujitsu drivers listed.

Then Fujitsu started to release some apps and that’s a good sign. However the one I need above the rest, Omnipage, simply will not install. There is an updated version on the Softex website that does install but doesn’t see the fingerprint reader as a usable device. It’s definitely working ok as I can scroll using it so that one has me confused.

My guess is that this is the same problem with version 3.5 which is supplied with the P1610. It runs fine but doesn’t let you enroll a user and take the fingerprint scans.

Has anyone successfully got an app running to read fingerprints as passwordws in Vista on the P1610?

Dave Z

Mine is a work machine and I’m installing Vista Business, so it’s a full license. But the way I understand the upgrade licensing, you can still choose to do a clean install, you just need to launch the installer from your previous OS.

My problems with the upgrade install were all with the XP versions of Fujitsu’s drivers and utilities. Even though I reinstalled the Vista versions after the upgrade, the system still kept complaining about driver issues. No bluescreens for me, but Vista kept helpfully disabling various drivers because it didn’t like the way they were behaving. Uninstalling the drivers prior to upgrading may have made things go smoother, but now it’s a little late for that ;)

As far as partitioning the drive and going dual-boot, that wasn’t an issue for me. I have my Q1 to fall back on, along with a half dozen other laptops and desktops for both work and home – so the Fujitsu is pure Vista. Besides that, I can literally restore my XP image onto the machine in under 10 minutes with the imaging process we’re using, so there isn’t much risk involved.


A shame it went so bad for you. Some software is causing blue screens – do you have Notebook Hardware Control, for example? It did cause mine to blue screen, I had to remove it in safe mode.

Best option would have been to install it on another partition while and keep you work OS safe in the main one :)

Best of luck, thanks for the blog,

Juan Miguel Venturello


Um, I thought if you bought the upgrade version of Vista you couldn’t do clean installs.

Are you guys using upgrade or full versions of Vista?

Dave Z

Forgot to add that the Fujitsu video driver is working fine on a clean install. Not sure it is any improvement over the one Vista installs out of the box, but at least it isn’t causing any problems.

Dave Z

I feel your pain – I did a upgrade install on my 1610 this morning, and just finished doing a clean install about an hour ago. I’ve done upgrade installs on other machines without any problem, but this is one system that really needs a clean build.

Happily, everything is up and running now, Office 2007 is installed, and all is right with the world. And my 1GB RAM chip and extended battery arrived yesterday, so it’s been a pretty good week ;)

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