Video Video on the Wall… Who’s Biggest of Them All?

YouTube, silly! And if you have any doubts, then check out the latest stats from, who sent us a list of top twenty video sites, which we hope to track for you every month.

According to Compete data for the month of December 2006, YouTube has 41.1 percent market share, followed by MySpace. Google clocks in at #3 with 10.2 percent of the market share, followed by AOL and Yahoo. Add Google and YouTube together, and they are half of the online video market. Okay, so $1.6 billion to become the 500-pound gorilla is not such a bad strategy, especially if they can figure out a way to make money from the traffic, and keep the likes of Viacom happy.

Rest of the list, like Break and Metacafe, has tiny shares. One notable site missing from the list: Revver.

(Infoporn below the jump.)

One point to note is that Compete is relatively new tracking service, and since it doesn’t represent the larger Internet population, the numbers might be under-reported.

From Liz: It just so happens that I was corresponding with the folks at comScore today and they also sent over their list of top video sites. Fun coincidence. Compare and contrast to your heart’s delight.


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