Super Sunday Hits NewTeeVee Land


While the world clears space on its TiVos to record whatever part of his body Prince chooses to reveal during his Superbowl halftime show, the innerwebs is busy capitalizing on the hype in the hopes of drawing eyeballs away from the big screen. For instance, Blendtec is trying to settle the score between the Colts and the Bears in a blend off by popular vote.

NewTeeVee has been keeping up with America’s premiere television event for weeks now, since news like highlight reels at iTunes, the dubious trend of placing advertising on the commercials, appearances from America’s favorite Internet Superstars and more user-generated content than you can shake a churro at keeps rolling in. We even dedicated two posts to NFL gag videos. But this is the Super Bowl, and the stuff doesn’t stop! So we’re going with a roundup.

America Speaks to Itself
: Check out more than 300 clips submitted by users in CBS’ promotional contest where the lucky winner gets their 15 seconds of fame. [YouTube]

Dot-com Ads 2.0: Since frugal is the new burning money in Silicon Valley, web startups like Meebo and Technorati show their own ads and posted them to YouTube to save millions and actually hit their target market. [YouTube]

For Those Who Hate Joe Buck: Find the official announcers annoying? Record your own second quarter play-by-play and upload to Buttercast to win cash and prizes. [Buttercast]

Video Clip Central: ClipBlast’s Life in Video is compiling a list of big game-related video from around the web — pitch in and help out by posting stuff in the comments. [ClipBlast]

No Movie Previews: If you want to see any big summer movie previews, you’ll have to find them online yourself, as Hollywood is also getting cheap in its old age and not airing many during the game. [Cinematical]

The Real Winner is Best Buy: According to this trend piece by the Associated Press, there’s a run on high-definition sets leading up to the game. Remember to set it up on Saturday, lest you anger any drunken fans. [AP via Seattle PI]



The Doritos Superbowl ads were actually great examples of what User Gen can do. At I collect all the video competitions with cash awards on the web, and most of them are for making commercials of one form or another.

What do you think of “crowd-sourcing” advertising content through contests?

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