Samsung Q1 6-cell battery under $100


Now that I’ve got two working Samsung Q1 UMPCs, I have two batteries for the road, right? No, Sammy will up for sale shortly (more on that later), so I’ve been on the look-out to score the Samsung 6-cell battery on sale. Thanks to a reader e-mail from Tom, I opted to nab the extended battery from PC Connection for $109 plus shipping. Purchasing the battery direct from SamsungParts will set you back around $145 plus shipping, so I pulled the trigger without hesitating.

Of course, not one to be outdone, my podcast-partner-in-crime Matt Miller one-upped me, so it’s only fair to share that deal as well. Last night after recording our podcast, I called Matt on the Netgear SPH-101 WiFi Skype phone so he could hear the quality. A short time prior, I had send him the info on the deal I got and wouldn’t you know it: he found a better one. Matt ordered an extended battery from NewEgg for $99! Remind me never to call Matt again; just kidding….

As nice as the Samsung Q1 PowerBank is, I’ve opted to stick with one standard battery supplemented with the extended battery to get the same runtime as the PowerBank. While the PowerBank will also charge the internal battery of the Q1, it’s double the price and weighs more than the extended battery, which makes the two battery setup more appealing to me personally.


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