Samsung Q1 6-cell battery under $100



Now that I’ve got two working Samsung Q1 UMPCs, I have two batteries for the road, right? No, Sammy will up for sale shortly (more on that later), so I’ve been on the look-out to score the Samsung 6-cell battery on sale. Thanks to a reader e-mail from Tom, I opted to nab the extended battery from PC Connection for $109 plus shipping. Purchasing the battery direct from SamsungParts will set you back around $145 plus shipping, so I pulled the trigger without hesitating.

Of course, not one to be outdone, my podcast-partner-in-crime Matt Miller one-upped me, so it’s only fair to share that deal as well. Last night after recording our podcast, I called Matt on the Netgear SPH-101 WiFi Skype phone so he could hear the quality. A short time prior, I had send him the info on the deal I got and wouldn’t you know it: he found a better one. Matt ordered an extended battery from NewEgg for $99! Remind me never to call Matt again; just kidding….

As nice as the Samsung Q1 PowerBank is, I’ve opted to stick with one standard battery supplemented with the extended battery to get the same runtime as the PowerBank. While the PowerBank will also charge the internal battery of the Q1, it’s double the price and weighs more than the extended battery, which makes the two battery setup more appealing to me personally.



Got the Q1 Vista ving it but now lusting for the Q1 Ultra which appears to come with the qwerty keyboard on the face. In the meantime does anyone know where I might be able to pick up a 6 cell battery??? Looks like NewEgg and PC Connection are fresh out.

Mike Cane

Ah, you were smart to give up on the 770. I should have heeded InfoWorld when they reviewed it and called it the Worst Tech of the Year. I think of the decade!! I was so stupid to give Nokia over a FULL YEAR to get it right. Each “update” of the software just made it worse and worse, except for that one brief moment with OS 2006.


Hiya, Mike Cane

I kinda gave up on the 770. I found the community harsh and there wasn’t an ereader client. It now just sits uncharged at home. I was thinkiing of selling it.

I love the Q1 now. But it is still not a perfect device. Gets warm when reading and battery life is low. But we shall see what the future brings.

John Christian

I have both the normal 3-cell and 6-cell battery – but find I use the 3-cell more simply because I dont have the Organizer and have to pack the thing in the original sleeve. The moment I have the Organizer I am quite sure I’ll have the extended battery on a lot instead.

Anton P. Nym

I’m able to fit my Q1 with 6-cell in the neoprene sleeve… it took some careful stretching of the sleeve over a couple of days, but it’s doable and it doesn’t reduce the sleeve’s ability to stay on with the 3-cell.

— Steve


During Xmas time, you could have had it for ~$85. had them for $99 + $6 shipping and handling. It came out to $105 when everything was said and done. Then you checkout with Google checkout and get $20 off $50+ orders.

$85 shipped. I really should have bought two but Samsung doesn’t make a charging station like HP does so it would have been a pain to charge 3 batteries (standard + 2 6cell).


Hi Ticonderoga,
Thanks for the comment. Now if I can find a “generic A5 sleeves/bags”, I’ll be good to go! Thanks again.


I am too slow :( I couldn’t get it at NewEgg, but I did get it from PCConnection. Thanks!


I’m hoping that someone can help me. I also just ordered the 6 cell battery and am wondering will the Q1 fit in the protective soft cover (Sorry the proper term is escaping me)and will it still fit in the organizer pack? Thanks for the input advance.


I use the six cell all the time as well… so much that it feels odd using the 3 cell, Sammy is smaller is not as easy to handle… well…it’s just me…


I was able to nab the 6-cell extended battery from icube back in October for $99. Originally, that price listed for the powerbank. A representative called and said that price was a misprint and was intended for the 6 cell. I went with the order anyway since it sounded like a good deal.
I use the 6-cell all the time now. The Q1 is more bulky but I get more peace of mind knowing that it won’t run out of juice right away. Plus, it’s nice to know I have some reserve juice from the 3 cell in the bag.

Anton P. Nym

I was tempted by that (though a second 6-cell is probably an extravagance), but NewEgg is out-of-stock and doesn’t ship the battery outside the continental US.

Now if I can just resist the lesser pull of the PC Connection offer, which is still in stock…

— Steve

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