Quicksilver Screencast: Abracadabra Gestures & Triggers

This week I’m covering the Abracadabra plugin for Quicksilver. It brings you the ability to create Triggers in Quicksilver, which can be activated by mouse gestures, rather than the stale, last century keystroke. Ok, so there’s nothing really wrong with Keystrokes, just sensationalizing…


So go ahead and check out the screencast. It should hold all the answers you’re in need of. If now, please leave questions in the comments below.

Quicksilver with Abracadabra Triggers Screencast
It’s about 4 minutes long and 19mb in size.

And when you’re through with the screencast, you may be interested in checking out this cool (read: nerdy) hack…which I of course have tried. Basically it details how to take a Gyro mouse and pair it with Quicksilver and Abracadabra to create a magic wand. Nerderific!