Mark Cuban: “OMGWTFBBQ!!!1!!!one!”


Mark Cuban’s post expressing his reservations about the BitTorrent protocol was bound to draw some responses from the passionate peer-to-peer community. Our guest contributor Janko thinks he might have one good point, at least. TorrentFreak wrote a measured response. And this week, BitTorrent creator and CEO Bram Cohen wrote a less measured response.

But now Cuban seems to have nothing better to do with his time than troll blog comments! He mixed it up with that BitTorrent fanboys at TorrentFreak, and really got into it with Bram Cohen. In other words, it’s a multi-mbillionaire versus the uber-geek in a nerdfight on LJ! Screw football, this is what I’ll be watching this weekend.



Whatever Cuban is worth, its more billions than I have, so my bet is totally on him. Go Mark ;-)

Liz Gannes

Billions are multiples of millions, right?

I noted that when I was editing, but then thought, how do I know what exactly he is worth anyway?

Just checked around now and it seems like at least one billion, but maybe not multi-billion. Drop a line if you know better.



My money’s on Cuban …

Bittorent’s Long tail content doesnt work well with p2p :P

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