Freeware of the moment: CellProfileSwitcher


CellphoneswitcherHow about a little non-U.S. flavored freeware for all of our overseas readers? (Yes, I’m trying to make up for all of those offers that are U.S.-based!). I was reading Maximum PC this morning and saw passing reference to a smartphone app that allows different profiles based on which cellular tower you’re closest too. A little sleuthing on The Google led me to Danny Baumann’s free smartphone app called "CellProfileSwitcher".

The application is really geared towards the U.K. and European-based HTC devices such as the HTC Typhoon, Hurricane and Voyager. Setting up different profiles by cell tower proximity can be extremely useful. When you arrive at work, the app can auto-set your ring notification to vibrate, for example; upon returning home, you can have your device automatically re-enable the ring function. Here’s a quick rundown of the current functionality based on cell-tower proximity settings:

  • Change profile
  • Change Bluetooth status
  • Execute a program
  • Vibrate (short for entering the cell, long for leaving it)
  • Change the home screen
  • Show a message
  • Play a wave sound
  • Change the phone’s wave volume
  • Notify Automatic Keylock (which must be installed separately)
  • Switch Wifi (Wifi-enabled WM5 phones only)
  • Enable flight mode
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