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Financial News Web Video Goes From Dry To Tongue-In-Cheek

Financial market news outlets like CNBC and are placing greater emphasis on web videos, but the entertaining and irreverent Wall St. video blog Wallstrip seems to represent a new direction for the form, a NYT article suggests. The goal is to attract casual web surfers in addition to traditional investors. Secondly, sites are also aiming for lucrative syndication deals. Videos from, for example, have appeared on Yahoo Finance and Google. But while other sites play it straight, Wallstrip’s 5-minute vlogs might feature host Lindsay Campbell chugging Budweisers and munching Cheez Doodles while discussing whether the outcome of the Super Bowl has some cosmic influence on the stock market. The three-month old site claims 10,000 viewers daily and while it does not generate self-sustaining ad revenue, Wallstrip has completed a $500,000 round of angel investing that will provide, among other things, a year’s worth of support.
Video Blog WallStrip Gets $0.5 Million Funding

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