SimpleTech’s super-thin 64 GB SSD for those tight places


Simpletech-ssdSolid State Disks (SSD) are all the rage what with the lack of moving parts, better performance, and less heat generated than conventional hard drives.  SimpleTech has announced a new 2.5 inch 64 GB SSD that is uber-thin at only .37 inches.  The new Zeus SSD is perfect to fit in the thin UMPCs we all want and lust after.  We’ll have to wait and see what kind of pricing gets put on this SSD, hopefully it will be as thin as the drive.

How does SimpleTech make this drive so thin?

As the pace of solid state storage adoption continuously increases, so do the demands for unique SSD characteristics. Of significant interest to OEMs is the need to minimize SSD size while maximizing SSD storage capacity. In order to address this important OEM requirement, SimpleTech employs its proprietary IC Tower(r) stacking technology to achieve next-generation capacities. This advanced chip stacking technology is widely utilized across SimpleTech’s DRAM and Flash products and delivers distinct advantages to customers wherein SimpleTech is able to deliver capacities that would otherwise be unattainable with the prevailing memory semiconductor devices. This 64GB Zeus drive uses widely available Single-Level Cell NAND devices which achieve a maximum of 2GB per device; the vertical stacking process enables multiples of that capacity per each placement on the SSD printed circuit board. Competitive 64GB solutions are nearly 3 times the physical size (at 22.5mm z-axis height) of the Zeus SSD, thus significantly more challenging for OEMs to incorporate.

(Yahoo via engadget)

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