DEMO, Magnify’s Self-Serve Video


Does the world need yet another online video site? That’s exactly what I thought when I came across at DEMO. But the New York-based start-up has raised some angel funding and is offering something interesting: “a self-serve platform for helping people set up relevant video channels on any topic they want.” You can continue reading reading about them over on Still, tell us what’s that one topic, which would make you create a video channel of your own — everyone has some topic that they’re willing to put in hours watching user-generated video. What’s yours?


Sachin Maheshwari

I kind of agree with Steve. Think of how many more people would use the site if had an easier url to type.

Matthew Ogston

I’m not sure i agree with you Steve. What about ? I still have trouble typing in the URL, however i use the service everyday. As long as their service ranks high in search engines, they won’t lose too much traffic.

Steve Morsa

A quick suggestion for the company…while it’s still early in your life, find yourself a nice (even if you settle for made up word/s) .com domain.

By and large, the Internet is .com; .com is the Internet…especially so for US based/US users-targeted companies. It is the top-of-mind address for anything and everything Internet.

You’ll never know how many visitors–and how business–you’re going to lose if you don’t.

Why send 1000’s of free visitors to if you don’t have to?

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