YouTube’s LisaNova Joins MADtv Cast

Well, it appears YouTube’s posturing toward paying its creators is coming a little too late for some of the site’s stars, who are already making the leap to television. Yesterday FOX announced YouTube star LisaNova is joining its MADtv cast (we first heard about this on Mashable).

LisaNova, whose given name is Lisa Donovan, started posting satirical videos to YouTube about eight months ago. To date, her 28 videos have been viewed 8,624,372 times. She’s the eleventh-most subscribed-to director on the site.

According to FOX, Donovan had previously auditioned for MADtv after leaving the University of Colorado-Boulder to pursue an acting career. When she didn’t make the cut, she formed her own production company, Zappin Productions, eventually finding an audience on YouTube.

Act II. Like what seems like every talent agent and casting director in Hollywood, MADtv’s casting director was apparently trolling YouTube and “found” Donovan. They asked her to audition again, and she got the part. Donovan’s first episode airs February 17.