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Fujitsu- we recommend Vista, but not from us

I’m not the only one who is following Fujitsu closely to see when Vista drivers and utilities appear for download for our PCs.  As of this writing they haven’t appeared yet, so I decided to check out the Fujitsu online store to see what flavors of Vista they offer on new computers.  Tablet geek that I am I headed there first and that’s as far as I got.  Right up at the top of each web page Fujitsu proudly proclaims this:

Fujitsu Vista Business

That’s a good choice for the Tablet PCs Fujitsu offers as most of them have good enterprise-friendly features.  There’s only one problem with this recommendation, which is painfully obvious when you look at each Tablet for sale from Fujitsu:

4215 XPP1610 XP

ST5100 XP

There’s no need to show every model, they’re all the same.  Fujitsu is not offering Vista as an option on any of their Tablet PCs, at least not yet.  Now I don’t have any formal training in marketing but isn’t recommending a product that you don’t offer like directing customers to your competitors?  I’m just sayin’.

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  1. spinedoc

    Old entry, but I was hoping for some help. I have the EXACT same problem as outlined above, when I use OneNote in portrait mode my right hand frequently ends up hitting one of the lower right hardware buttons. I would like an option to rotate portrait to the opposite of what it rotates to now, so the hardware buttons are on the upper left and out of the way.

    I see there are some drivers which worked for XP. Does anyone have any idea how to a driver for Vista? Or at least a freeware program that allows this?

    Thanks much.

  2. J Warner

    I downloaded the intel GMA 945 driver on their website Here:

    This driver, unlike the one that comes on the P1610 allows rotation all 4 directions. I assigned the rotation to a function key and was set. I kind of wonder what the Fuji engineers were thinking because with the default portrait rotation, if you put a USB thumb drive in it it can get bent or broken if it snags on your shirt for some reason.

  3. Jefferson, to counteract the interference you get from brushing the fingerprint reader while inking go to the Control Panel, Fingerprint Reader, and deselect the Navigation feature. This disables the fingerprint reader from scrolling the screen, which is what you’re doing when you brush it while inking. Totally stops that problem.

  4. Jefferson

    Hi James. Fujitsu’s not alone being late to the table. Creative and NVidia are driving me ruts with their crappy Vista support.

    If I may change the topic to get your input: I have finally found something that truly bugs me about my 1610. When in tablet mode, I like to write in OneNote particularly, using portrait orientation. I’ve found that this creates a problem. I need to rest my palm on the screen while performing the act I playfully call handwriting, and the 1610’s palm-rejection (or whatever it’s called) works just fine. BUT. As I move down the page, I have a tendency to press the hardware buttons with my palm, triggering them to very annoying effect, or “rolling” over the fingerprint scanner, “smudging” ink across my page. I find that I have to move the paper up every 10-15 lines, which is a nuisance as well. Seems to me that the buttons and scanner need to get out of my way, which would happen if I could reverse the screen orientation 180 degrees, putting them at the top left rather than bottom right of the screen. I can’t find a way to do this; only one portrait and one landscape orientation seems to be available. Do you know if I can reverse the portrait mode in some way? Or have you found another way around this problem? Or have you just learned to keep your palm suspended in air as you move down the screen?

    Many thanks for any insight you have, and thanks for your always entertaining and informative podcasts and articles.