Fujitsu- we recommend Vista, but not from us

I’m not the only one who is following Fujitsu closely to see when Vista drivers and utilities appear for download for our PCs.  As of this writing they haven’t appeared yet, so I decided to check out the Fujitsu online store to see what flavors of Vista they offer on new computers.  Tablet geek that I am I headed there first and that’s as far as I got.  Right up at the top of each web page Fujitsu proudly proclaims this:

Fujitsu Vista Business

That’s a good choice for the Tablet PCs Fujitsu offers as most of them have good enterprise-friendly features.  There’s only one problem with this recommendation, which is painfully obvious when you look at each Tablet for sale from Fujitsu:

4215 XPP1610 XP

ST5100 XP

There’s no need to show every model, they’re all the same.  Fujitsu is not offering Vista as an option on any of their Tablet PCs, at least not yet.  Now I don’t have any formal training in marketing but isn’t recommending a product that you don’t offer like directing customers to your competitors?  I’m just sayin’.


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