10 Responses to “Fujitsu P1610 Vista drivers up!”

  1. I’m not having the problems you are jk. I do have an issue with two Intel apps that try to load at boot up (one is the quick-key switcher, the other the task manager switcher) which I have turned off from starting at boot up. Internet access both through a lan connection and wifi is stable.

    The fjrotate and fjdock errors are my main ones but I can live with them for now.

    As to whether it is worth the upgrade then I suppose it depends on what you are using your P1610 for. I use main as my main device for work, play and pleasure so I want it to be the best it can be. Vista is that for me even with the current issues.

    The tablet features of XP always felt a bolt on to me whereas in Vista they feel a part of the OS. I can’t explain why that is so other than to say that it just seems to work better. However if you can’t or don’t want to live with a few issues at this time then please don’t upgrade until Fujitsu resolve the driver issue.

  2. I am having many issues with the Vista drivers from Fujitsu. I will blog this later when my system stabilizes. In particular the new Video drivers from Fujitsu are a huge step backwards over the original drivers I was using. Also I can’t get an internet connection unless I totally turn the firewall off.

  3. Steven Snell

    acetuk, would you recommend the Vista upgrade? I’m really not sure whether to upgrade or not. I’m happy with XP. What advantages are there? (I haven’t seen many that would justify the process).

  4. Glass has been running fine since the first install 1 made without the official drivers.

    Generally things are running well other than moving between docked and undocked and sometimes the auto rotation seems to fail (but the button always works fine).

  5. Well, I’ve installed everything listed and things are better. My unrecognised device in device manager is gone so that’s good. However problems still seem to be present with fjrotate and fjdock errors.

    It’s a start, possibly fair to say a good one, but something still isn’t quite right.