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Comcast’s Billion-Dollar Phone Biz

OK, they’re not quite yet to the $1 billion mark, but the $955 million yearly phone revenues figure announced during Comcast’s year-end conference call today shows the cable giant is moving much more quickly onto phone company turf than vice versa.

On the Voice over IP front, Comcast said it had signed up 1.5 million digital voice subscribers in 2006, giving them 1.9 million total, a user number roughly equal to that of independent VoIP provider Vonage. But just comparing Comcast to Vonage really doesn’t make sense, since Comcast’s reach and market opportunity (with video and broadband services) eclipses Vonage’s POTS replacement biz. (We’ll hear more about Vonage in a couple weeks during its next earnings call.)

Here’s a good rundown of all the rest of Comcast’s numbers at Telecommuncations Online.

2 Responses to “Comcast’s Billion-Dollar Phone Biz”

  1. impressive.. a subscriber number close to Vonage’s and w\out all the commercials and SPAM (ads, emails) online that vonage has been using for a few years…also comcast has not been offering it for that long and doesnt SPAM it as much either…Comcast’s main advantage of providing triple play services all in one bill is what I think has given them a nice advantage.. they got a nice chunk of business when the real estate market was booming and everyone was calling to setup TV and internet and their VoIP promotions were too good to pass up..whats next for them? wireless partnership w\ sprint?