Calacanis’s New Company:

After exiting Weblogs Inc and AOL couple of months ago, Jason Calacanis is ready for his new adventure..meaning his new company. Here’s what we know: it has investment from Sequoia, where Calacanis is now an EIR, Mark Cuban (previous Weblogs Inc investor) and investment from another big media company is in the works. The name of the company in all probabilities will be, a domain name Calacanis bought last year for about $75,000.
The idea as we know it: to develop an online talent network, possibly as video blogs, podcasts and others, with the owners/talent given equity into the new company, as well as revenue cut from the ad sales (in some sense this sounds like the Engadget model blown out). It will have a heavy search component built in….that was one of the other ideas Calacanis has had for a while as well.
Will it be a rollup of existing sites/blogs/talent? His exit from AOL may have some non-compete clause, and his Weblogs Inc earnout period is still in effect, so anything directly competitive may not be in works.
The name is a reference to a couple of things: Web 2.0, 20 companies or talent that might be developed, and then possibly the amount of money, though we have not been able to confirm the last part. Calacanis has been talking about developing some new online advertising models on his blog of late, so expect some innovations with that as well in the new network.
Calacanis had no comment on this story.
Updated: Calacanis is launching a new conference along with TechCrunch, which does take the “20” idea a bit further. More details here.
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