BitTorrent Launching This Month


In an article by Mark Sullivan on Light Reading it’s been revealed that the long-awaited BitTorrent content network will be released this month. Originally planned for a launch by the end of the year, the holdup was negotiations with content partners. Despite BT detractors like Mark Cuban, or angry ISPs and some defamatory rhetoric from Cisco, content providers seem eager to use BitTorrent in order to reduce the costs associated with distributing massive digital files.

According to the LR story:

BitTorrent spokeswoman Lily Lin says the company’s Website will undergo a redesign, featuring “first-run movies and TV shows” when it launches later in February.

Most intriguing is the prospect of BitTorrent’s hardware being used in devices from manufacturers like Netgear and video servers from Oversi. But there are still plenty of questions about content security and user experience that won’t be answered until the new site is official.

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