Apple Is NOT Going to License the Mac OS to Other Hardware Makers

I am sick and tired of hearing this over and over again.

It’s been on so many blogs, and even in Mac Addict magazine – that Apple will/should license the Mac OS to other hardware manufacturers, so that, for example, you could legally run OS X on a Dell machine.

The comment thread on this post on Theocacao was really the last straw for me, so I set out to prove that this can’t be true.

And I’m absolutely positive that Apple will never do this. So positive, in fact, that if I’m wrong, I’ll eat my shoe.

Here’s the proof:
Only 5% of Apple

Only 5% of Apple’s revenue in the most recent quarter came from software sales. Keep in mind, software sales include sales of Final Cut, iWork and iLife, FileMaker, etc, which means that less than 5% of their revenue comes from sales of Mac OS X.

Can anyone really explain why Apple would completely give up 33% of its revenue?


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