Vista, Amanda and Lord of the Rings

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Should you upgrade to Windows Vista? The reality is that’s unrealistic to evaluate whether or not to upgrade to Vista based on a comparison to Mac OS X or Linux. If someone is talking about the state of healthcare in the United States, is moving to Canada really an option? Likewise, there’s more that goes into a computing platform switch than the operating system alone. Continue reading at Web Worker Daily.

Amanda C needs some direction: If all you knew about Amanda Congdon was that she hosted an awkward infotainment show on, I guess it might surprise that the same Congdon once shined as the dynamic anchor of the videoblog Rocketboom. Continue reading at New Tee Vee.

Can anyone compete with World of Warcraft, now with 8 million worldwide subscribers? Two new online fantasy games with high name recognition are trying to do just that– and one of them’s even using Web 2.0 apps
like Google Maps and wiki software to try and gain an edge. GigaGamez considers their prospects against the Vivendi/Blizzard behemoth. Continue Reading.

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