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@ SIIA: Dow Jones, Deals & More

An excellent line-up today but sad to say I had to skip out when I lost a skirmish in the winter cold war. I’ll write up my notes on DJ CEO Rich Zannino’s lunch keynote later but luckily for all of us, our friend John Blossom of Shore Communications was there and in fine form. Some highlights:
Vanishing Icons M&A Panel: JEGI’s Tolman Geffs led a discussion on B2B M&A with Carter Bales, co-founder and managing partner, Wicks Group, and Jim Friedlich, co-founder and partner, Zelnick Media. “Large deals of late have sometimes been to buyers out of the industry lately, perhaps taking advantage of their lack of industry knowledge. Momentum investors such as hedge funds who think that they can do recaps quickly are also closing in, but ‘If you take out the froth effect in the IPO market, the returns have been mediocre,’ Carter notes. Jim notes that money is cheap, and that ‘some of this will end badly, creating opportunities for distressed equity plays.'”
Richard Zannino, Dow Jones & Company: “Dow Jones is not agnostic about channels that they select, ‘we’re greedy,’ notes Richard. Indispensable content must be repositioned to turn technological threats into opportunities – a task that requires new thinking, many who are worried more about their iconic status than their markets.”
Peggy White Reflects on Yahoo! Finance and the Industry: “Peggy: ads continue to grow, video ads are a big part of this, as more advertisers move to the Web this is a part of the mix. Video works very well with brand messaging and can move it into direct response marketing, will continue to evolve and learn. Want to deliver good experiences for advertisers also.”
CEO Panel – New Rules, New Tools: Sounds like it was an energetic discussion. John has the play by play.