Samsung Q1P shipping with Vista


Eagle-eyed jkOnTheRun reader Alan Pozner found the Samsung Q1P on PC Connection that can be ordered with Vista.  The new Vistagami will set you back $1277 and is showing as “on order”, so no idea when it will actually be available.  This is good news and gives credence to rumors that Samsung would start offering the Q1 with Vista preinstalled.  The Q1P has a Pentium M and 1 GB of memory so this will be a formidable configuration with Vista onboard.  There are no detailed specs so caveat emptor.

Q1 Vista



CDW also has a Q1 w/32MB SSD for $2000. It appears to be w/XP, not Vista, but this and the Pentium Vista both have place-holders @ CDW. No real info and no picces at the site.


Maybe if someone gets the Q1P with Vista installed before Samsung post the drivers they can share the restore DVD that comes with the Q1P…. Hopefully drivers get posted soon.


so, I hope this means that Vista supported drivers will be available soon for download for Q1s.

Bob Russell

Here are the CDW links:

All their Samsung Q1 versions come up here…

And the one Kevin mentioned (the Vista Q1P for $1299.99) is here…

I am so drooling! But I have fear of buyer’s remorse if I buy soon. UMPC product offerings and specs may be unfolding rapid fire over the next year, but my UMPC purchase might have to last me a number of years. There have been so many comments about revolutionary changes in battery life and capabilities by summer ’07. Things like better rotation controls, a real joystick control, GPS, batter life, faster CPU, nicely integrated keyboard, smaller and lighter form factors, etc are nothing to sneeze at!

Kevin C. Tofel

I also had email conversations with jkOTR readers Chad and Thomas last night; they found the same model (NP-Q1-F000) at CDW; it appears to have the Q1P look and feel, but with Vista pre-installed. Thomas contacted CDW and was told end of February. Here’s hoping it’s sooner as that might mean Vista drivers for the Q1 series! :)

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