OQO Model 02 with Vista now available


Oqo_vistaAbout a week back, Matt, James and I were wondering when OQO was going to update their Model 02 product order page for Vista. Looks like they did yesterday, which of course, was timed to coincide with the Microsoft Windows Vista launch. Gorkon, a jkOTR reader and frequent commenter, spotted the updated product page last night and noted the following: "Windows Vista Ultimate only adds $100 on top of the OQO price."

Taking a quick look confirms this: you can only get Vista on the "best" model, which is understandable because the "good" and "better" configurations are light on either CPU horsepower or RAM. You can get the "best" configuration with either Windows XP Professional or Windows Vista Business included at no additional charge. If you want either Windows XP Tablet Edition or Windows Vista Ultimate for the Tablet PC functions, you’ll need to ante up $100.

Shipping looks to be out 8-12 weeks; based on what I heard at CES there are limited quantities in the first and second production runs but the third run appears sizable to boost supply. If that’s true, that lead time should get cut down over the next few months.



Has JKOnTheRun compared the Samsung Q1 and the OQO 02 yet?
Your site is exceptionally helpful even for a very untechie.


i am already getting vista for my tc1100 so i figured i would just get the xp pro edition and just install it with the vista that i’ll already own. I figured its the best way since the xp pro edition ships with the same specs and at the end of this month. Anyone see any possible problems i’ll have with this or does this sound good? I almost got the samsung q1 but then decided i can wait and get this one, its nice and tiny.


I have to order my goodies next day delivery or I die from anticipation. I can’t order anything that will come in 2-3 months.

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