Mobile Industry Is All About the Benjamins


One of our favorite topics here at Giga Gamez is the mobile industry, and for good reason, it’s a booming industry. Mobile and casual gaming companies are reporting huge revenue increases, and there’s more action than ever before. In fact, according to analysts, by 2011, the mobile industry is going to be worth $76 billion.

In a recent report from Mobile Industry, Bruce Gibson of Juniper Research said:

“As 3G services become commonplace, sophisticated mobile entertainment products and services can reach the mass market and provide the sort of anywhere/anytime entertainment that has been predicted for some time, but not really delivered.”

Delivery seems to be on the way, however, with the new N-Gage and all of the work that the mobile companies have been putting in lately, we should be seeing some big things over the next few years. As it good as it all seems, Gibson wasn’t completely all sunshine and roses though, “Whilst the potential to generate dramatically increased revenues is certainly there, many uncertainties affecting sections of the market still exist and could put a break on growth – the development of legislative environments for mobile gambling and adult content, and the success of broadcast mobile TV trials currently underway or planned, are just two examples.” Cautious or not, things are continuing to look up for the mobile community.


Jon R.

The more crap you have, the harder it is to wade through it. Sounds like another job for Google.

Otherwise, free money. Cellphones are like a grocery store impulse rack that can be accessed at any time by any number of people. I think “sophistication” of the products needs to be thought of in those terms.

But seriously, concern over adult entertainment on mobile devices? Yeah. Let that one go. Driving with porn? Taking the metro with some porno? Porn at the DMV! Yeah. Let that one slip through the cracks. Thanks.

I’m not kidding. Do not consider adult entertainment for these devices. It’s a societal imperative that it just doesn’t happen. It has one purpose, and we all know what it is. We don’t need it to “get you by” while waiting at the GAP. We have laws relevant to this, and we have them for a reason.

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