KLIC’s KP-100 terrestrial-based locator


Kp100Korea Location Information & Communications says that their KP-100 is the "world’s first terrestrial-based personal portable location detection device" but clearly they haven’t met my kids who always seem to find me when I’m really busy. The KP-100 is a small, under 50 gram locating device with an "S.O.S" button for those times you’ve fallen down and can’t get up. According to AVING, It works in conjunction with a web-based mapping service called myPol, so you can track your little KP-100 on all of its journeys.

There’s no details on how the device actually works without GPS; perhaps it triangulates off of cell towers? Regardless of the method, I want one just to hide on my kids and turn the tables for a change. They always find me, but when there’s work to be done they seem to disappear.

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