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Indie Music Labels Worried Over YouTube's Policies

So says a story on, which says that some key players in the indie music community are preparing for a legal skirmish with YouTube…they are aggrieved with terms proposed by the service of their copyright-protected works. It seems that the new indie-conglomerate label Merlin is involved in this.
Says a source quoted in the story: “It’s either sign [the contract] or suck it, and we know its not the same deal that the majors have been offered. There’s definitely a ground swell that we need to take action.”
“We fully expect to be compensated fairly and on par with the larger companies, we will not accept second rate terms because we are smaller companies. If we have to take legal measures to protect our rights we will do so,” comments Simon Wheeler, head of digital at Beggars Group, home to such acts as Thom Yorke and Basement Jaxx.