Fujitsu P1610 Vista driver update


No, don’t get excited yet.  I have been following all of the various Fujitsu support websites for the appearance of the official Fujitsu Vista drivers and utilities and I don’t think we have them available yet.  Here are the global sites I have tracked and what I am finding as of the time of this post:

Fujitsu US–  No Vista appearance yet

Fujitsu Singapore–  No Vista yet

Fujitsu-Siemens UK– Vista is now a selectable option but all of the listed drivers and utilities are tagged with a “works but not supported” tag and look like the existing XP drivers.

Come on, Fujitsu, give us the Vista drivers and utilities like all of the other major OEMs.


Bob Russell

I think that a lot of soon-to-be-buyers like myself are watching how the various companies handle their early adopter customers with support of the first generation devices. It will reveal a lot about what we can expect from the company as the devices start to go more mainstream.

Hopefully, the device makers will keep that in mind and treat the early adopters well. (And spread a lot of good will that way around the UMPC community also!)


I have to agree unfortunately. My Vista Business disk arrived today (a bought copy, my ‘free’ one will go on my Q1) and I’ve just finished installing it. So far so good other than a major lack of drivers.

As John has said it’s not as if Vista wasn’t known about before hand. But then other manufacturers are also behind.

john cook

agreed. its simply unacceptable that they are not ready on launch day. vista is only the most beta tested os in the history of computing; fujitsu cant say they had to wait for rtm before they started working on drivers.

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