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Content Interoperability Software DARTdevices Gets $2.8 First Round Funding

Motorola has made a $2.8 million first round investment in DARTdevices. The company, based in Mountain View, CA, has software that lets multiple consumer devices access the combined content and applications of any other device with DART, such as PCs and mobile phones, basically allowing interoperability between different devices. It handles all the software distribution, versioning, security, hardware compatibility and synchronization issues with device-to-device interaction.
Its software is sold to operators for now, but it will be introducing consumer applications later this year with some applications and games being free.
The company was founded in 2003, but is only launching publicly now. Founder and CEO Richard Mirabella was previously VP of Corporate Strategy at Macrovision; CTO Dan Illowsky co-founded Storymail, which was sold to Gemstar-TV Guide in 2002. Previously the company raised a $1.6 million seed from its founders.