BoxWave intros screen protectors for the P1610


Boxwave_logoEarlier this week, jkOTR reader Scott tipped us on a new product launch from BoxWave we missed last week. Actually, Scott had the inside track since the new BoxWave screen protectors for the Fujitsu P1610 were created from his request; he even sent in high-resolution pics of his Fuji alongside comaprison rulers for the BoxWave folks. Nice!

BoxWave now offers both their Clear Touch Anti-Glare and Clear Touch Crystal screen protectors for this tiny Tablet PC: prices start around $46 a piece, but a three-pack bundle can be had for under $80. Sounds like a bunch of dough, but who can put a price on protecting your mobile computing investment?


William Ko

Thank you, Boxwave! All the other screen protectors that I’ve found for the P1610 have all been horrible!

Bob Russell

It will be interesting to hear if that protector market takes off. UMPCs I mean. I had seen something a few days ago about them having Q1 screen protectors for something like $29 or so a piece. My big question was how much it would affect the touch screen, especially for writing or finger keyboarding. I think the screen protector on my Treo tends to increase vectoring because it spreads out the pressure. But a large screen protector for a UMPC might be softer…

I’d get one if I knew it wouldn’t interfere at all with the touch screen.


So what are the pros and cons of the two different types they offer? I got my X60 tablet the other day and am about to order one (or maybe three) Boxwave screen protector, but would like to hear what people think of them.

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