What it was like at the Vista line at CompUSA


I was so excited to see that after five years, 50 million lines of code, and 5 billion spent that I could finally wipe out that OS X install for a Windows Vista Ultimate Edition with Office Ultimate Edition 2007. I’ve been saving all this time to spend the $1080 in Microsoft goodness that will free me from the clutches of Apple’s closed door ecosystem. No more 802.11n taxes, widgets and ill-placed search bars, and an Office system with a great UI.

I mean how can Apple honestly say they are creative and innovative when they can’t even produce more than one version of OS X? Microsoft impressively did 8. Apple doesn’t have, um, well, hold on I’m trying to think what Vista has that OS X doesn’t. Ok I’ll come back to it.

So I waited in line at my local CompUSA here in San Diego. I fought the rain, some homeless guys for the free barbecue, and when I got out of my tent at midnight I scooted right to the front of the line. Ha! My early wait paid off and I was in and out of the store like greased lightning.

Wait a second…

When I bought OS X Tiger I seem to remember people at the store. In fact, I remember being there for two hours, giggling like a school girl every time I found a new cool widget. I remember people so thick I couldn’t get through the store without being an amateur contortionist. Oh, I remember it was at 8pm too, when most people are awake. What’s going on here? Surely something with 50 MILLION lines of code and costing 5 BILLION to make must be the most amazing piece of technology ever? I mean, they have Aero, Windows Calendar, HD Movie Editing, and finally 3D chess. Come on guys, it can’t be that bad. It has Windows Genuine Advantage, something OS X doesn’t have.

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