Vista Excitement…


This is what I was alluding to in yesterday’s post.

People showing up for deals on other stuff – and checking out Macs! – rather than lined up to buy Vista. Even a comparison (with photo) of the Tiger launch a couple years back.



if i, as a windows user, was considering updating my pc to run Vista, i’d probably go out and buy a Mac and then use boot camp. chances are there’s gonna be hardware and software conflicts anyway, as reports already suggest, so why not get two OS’ and use the best of both? or decide between the two?

Mark 2000

This is San Francisco. Its a Mac Stronghold. They have at least 60-70% og the laptop market and 90% of the DAP market here. Its not representative of the rest of the country.


At our local Best Buy they had the good sense to place the Vista display next the Apple area. (And look, Zune’s are on sale…)

As if MS was designing your shopping experience, no actual software is on the sales floor. You must subdue an employee (I sugggest stunning them with a bright light as they walk past) and they place a call and it is brought out to you.

This leaves plenty of time for shoppers to taste what Vista wishes it could do as they play with the iMacs.

Kevin Iungerman

On PBS’s newhour tonight I saw Apple’s incredible stealth ad. I couldn’t believe it. There in what ostnsibly was a discussion of Microsoft’s new Vista operating system were the PC guy and the Apple guy from Apple’s ongoing spots of the two contrasting approaches as epitomized by people. Did PBS ever see it?

Kyle Korleski

Soon, the Macs will have the larger market share and I will no longer have to worry about coding sites to make them work in IE! Bwahahahaha!

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