Twadget, a Twitter gadget for Vista’s Sidebar

TwadgetMy Twitter experiment from last year has actually turned into an adoption of the social tool. Since I started using it, I’ve found it to be entertaining yet informative as well; I’ve even seen some semi-breaking news as a result. What’s the value? Well, for example, I can tell you that right now Robert Scoble and Marc Orchant are on their way to DEMO. I can also tell you that the Consumerist lifted one of Josh Bancroft’s photos; yes, he blogged it, but he Twitter’d it first. Sadly, I saw that Colin Walker’s home was burglarized in the UK this morning (bummer mate!). On the plus side, Scott McNulty received over 70 pairs of socks from Amazon. OK, that’s more of the entertaining part but, you get my point.

Just this morning, I found a Windows Vista Sidebar gadget called Twadget, making it easier to see updates without having them pushed to my phone or requiring me to constantly refresh the Twitter web page in a browser. The gadget can be found right here for you Vista folks and is a snap to configure: just enter your Twitter credentials and you’re off and running. There’s a chirping sound for each new update in real time, but you can silence that if you’d like. If you want to update your Twitter status, you can easily do that as well.

As far as my experiment, here’s a few tidbits of data:

  • I have 19 Twitter friends but number 20 seems to be a hurdle. ;)
  • I’ve updated Twitter with 246 messages in the past seven weeks or so.
  • Not one time did I Twitter from a bathroom or other private room during that time; don’t laugh, some folks do!

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