The Story Behind Vista’s Wallpaper Selections


On the Flickr blog, I found this story about the way Microsoft selected their wallpaper images that were to appear in Vista. The story is interesting enough (consider how you’d choose only a handful of images to be the defaults!) and worth a quick read. The part I found to be really cool is that they (Microsoft) actually chose some of the images from amateur photographers on Flickr! I dig that.

It may seem silly, be inevitably someone posts about the leaked wallpaper images in the upcoming OS X release. I don’t recall seeing one yet, though I’m sure it’s bouncing around the internets somewhere. I hope there are some cool new options from Apple. I doubt we’ll see anything from amateurs (because Apple’s design specs are so exacting), but wouldn’t that be sweet?



Welldone pretty gud job. Thanks for the lovely collection of wallpapers. they look amazing on my laptop screen. I Would sit and drool over them. Thanks a million. check out this as well


@steve. I agree. Who the hell wants to have any old photo as their Desktop iamge. Give me quality control any day. And for those that want …go an find whatever at flickr or elsewhere.I don’t see what the fuss is about… More to do about nothing.


The problem I instantly see with most of the Vista desktop images are that they’re far too busy and have too much contrast. That makes it very hard to find crap on the desktop, and it detracts from the overall UI. OS X’s Abstract, Nature, and Plants all work well and don’t interfere with desktop icons. Most of the B&W images work too. Just another example of how Microsloth doesn’t understand what the hell they’re doing.

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