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Sprint expand EVDO Rev A Footprint

Sprint this morning announced that it is adding three more markets – Miami, Portland and Puerto Rico – to its list of 21 cities where it is currently offering EVDO Rev-A wireless broadband access.

EVDO Rev A has higher speeds – 350-500 Kbps (compared with 50-70 Kbps of current EVDO networks) and average download speeds of 600 Kbps-1.4 Mbps (from 400-700 Kbps) – making it more suitable (not ideal) for today’s size-intensive digital life.

However, the big news for us MacBook Pro users is the availability of a Novatel EX720 express card, likely to go on sale in late February. An updated version of the Connection Manager would allow people to use the GPS chipset in the EX720 card, much like Sprint’s Novatel S720 and Novatel U720 EVDO cards.

The wide-area wireless broadband options are suddenly increasing for those who need access on the go. Cingular has been turning on its 3G-UMTS network and should cover the entire country by the end of 2007. They are currently offering 1.8 Mbps download service, but Cingular data cards are marked with 3.6 Mbps download speeds – which means you could maybe get 800 kbps. Verizon is also upgrading its EVDO service to higher speeds soon as well.

Let me ask you a question: what do you want in a 3G connection?

10 Responses to “Sprint expand EVDO Rev A Footprint”

  1. Daniel Golding

    Sometimes I feel owners of laptops with Expresscard slots are like people who owned BetaMax VCRs. Maybe we’re just a bit too early on the tech adoption wave…

  2. I live in Dallas, TX and bought a Rev A PCMCIA card from Sprint only to find out my average was between 400-700Kbps down and less than 150Kbps up.. I took it straight back and bought a Cingular GlobeTrotter Max which gives me average 1.3Mbps and upload 400Kbps…

    RevA story is great, only if you can deliver on the promises and theoretical speeds…

  3. Jesse,

    Why do you have to be such an idealist, dreaming about things which are not going to happen?

    Lower price and TOS like landline broadband – I would like to channel Charlton Heston playing a telecom CEO: from my cold dead hands


  4. I have been using my Novatel USB modem on both my Macbook and Sony laptop since early Dec.

    I use it regularly with Skype, iChat and my Slingbox. iChat works amazingly well.

    In RevA coverage areas with good signal strength my Slingbox transfers at it’s maximum bitrate (1400-1500 Kbps).


  5. “there is no use for this much speed on a mobile.”

    I don’t really agree with you here, but I think you’re missing something. The products mentioned by Om are connectivity cards. I use the S720 and it’s been fantastic for me. In Rev A areas, I’m able to use Skype and Y! Messenger with Voice. It really lets me work anywhere (with Rev A coverage, that is).

  6. Honestly speaking, this is another one of those cases where the hardware is so far ahead of the usable software that there is no use for this much speed on a mobile. It would be nice if seemless networking and shared apps could be had in part on a mobile phone, but that is not here or in the near vicinity of applications. So what to use this for, email and browsing small RSS feeds, what else?