Spell right, even if you’re offline – webworker tool of the week


It’s bound to happen, you find yourself without an internet connection and no access to dictionary.com when you are editing emails or documents. You aren’t happy with the way your Word application is spelling certain words, or want to get the full definition before using a word in a document. What can you do?

Carry around a thick copy of the Oxford dictionary in your bag, or carry a small storage key that holds the entire Oxford English Dictionary. I’m sure you’ll choose the key in an instant. MyDisgo offers this product, and prices range from $41 US to $135 US for 512MB – 4GB keys. If you just want the application without the memory key, it’s priced at $41 US, with a 30 day free trial available. Happy spellings!


rick gregory

one other suggestion – use another word. If you’re trying to use a word whose meaning you’re not clear on you risk using it incorrectly… and even if you don’t do that this stretching often shows in your writing style. Don’t go for the ‘impress my prof’ style… go for the ‘clearly communicate in plain language’ style.

Of course, I just like having the whole OED around, so thanks for the tip ;)

Adam Lindsay

I presume this is for Windows Users? OS X comes with a dictionary and thesaurus built-in. It is well integrated into most apps, including Safari. There is a dashboard widget as well, that I use frequently.

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