Seagate’s Digital Audio Video Experience

Seagate_daveI’m on the fence with the new D.A.V.E. device that Seagate announced on a recent PodTech video. I want to like the device, which is a small portable hard-drive with integrated wireless capability. You’ll see it in May for under $200 in both a 10 GB and 20 GB capacity. The concept as I understood it is that you can pair this up with a Bluetooth phone to provide extra storage for the phone or to access your digital content on your phone from the drive. I’m sure there will be other uses for it as well; some folks are already commenting about an iPhone add-on.

I’m going to sit in "wait and see" mode for the time being as I’m curious how Seagate will work with partners and developers (as Scoble points out, "there’s a software API") to see how the device evolves. At the moment, we’ve got a small hard drive with a USB connection that adds Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities; could be interesting, but I’m waiting to see what practical applications we see from this. What do you think? Watch the brief video and share the ways you’d use this interesting device.


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