Roundup: Peer-to-Peer News Packets

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The consortium of content providers and hardware manufacturers that backed AACS encryption finally admitted that hackers successfully pilfered the encryption keys. [Reuters]

The good news about Windows Vista is it’s launching with some interesting P2P features like “People Near Me.” The bad news is the core media DRM has likely been cracked already. [P2P Blog, BoingBoing]

If you are downloading unauthorized copies of copyrighted content online, it behooves you to be careful with programs like Peer Guardian and FakeFinder, since the RIAA and MPAA are seeding fake torrent “honeypots” to capture user IP addresses. [p2pnet]

On that note, Polish warez site Torrenty potentially exposed the IP addresses of all their users by suddenly switching to an open, public torrent tracker. [TorrentFreak]

The Pirate Bay kicked a few advertisers to the curb when it was discovered that the torrent download clients being advertised were infested with malware. [FileSharingTalk, The Pirate Bay]

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Why is it bad news that the Vista DRM is cracked? Maybe the media companies will finally realize that DRM is only hindering the acceptance of digital entertainment, and not working anyway.

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