Obopay Acquires Billmonk


Obopay has acquired Billmonk, a web-based tool for settling shared bills. It’s a small deal, but one that I take a special interest in, cause we actually use Billmonk to run our household! (via TechCrunch)


Arnicus Copper

that IOU and settling bills…thats a cool idea..
I was just wondering where obopay got that idea from??? (:D)..
why did they have to acquire billmonk..all of a sudden..
Obopay plays the part of Bill Gates…then who is “”steve jobs”” then..??


whatever…I have IOUs to my friends, but I don’t need a phone to track em.

does anyone know what’s up with obopay/kushcash/paypal mobile)?


i haven’t heard of obopay before…sounds like a great idea though…i know what you mean about people owing you some money, Jenny…


finally…its about time they track that stuff…my friends are going to be owing me some MONEY…


I’m glad to see these services combined. I already use Obopay, but the whole informal/unwritten IOU-thing at bars/clubs/movies/etc is still irritating. Now I won’t have to deal with it…

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