Nickelodeon Launches Online World


It’s true that this generation of kids is the most technologically advanced, as have been generations before. I know I’ve had to set the time on many a flashing VCR, but today’s kids are pretty savvy, and Nickelodeon seems to be aware of that. According to a study by Nickelodeon, 86% of kids ages 8-14 play games online. Today, MTV owned Nickelodeon launches Nicktropolis, a virtual playground for kids.

With as many casual game sites as there are, how many of them actually focus on kids? That’s the idea behind Nicktropolis, Nickelodeon’s new virtual playground, as it opens its doors today and is gearing up to entertain. The virtual playground is to feature video, games and chat geared towards children and offering Nickelodeon branded activities. With this latest release, Nickelodeon hopes to provide service to children and young adults in a monitored, safe environment.

Most casual gaming is aimed at the non-gamer, but how many are actually targeting the future gamer? MTV and Nickelodeon already have serveral other sites that are dedicated to casual gaming, such as Shockwave and Addicting Games, but this one is different. That’s quite a bit, and begs the question: “why aren’t more companies targeting this audience?”

A lot of children have a way of getting what they want, which is something that advertisers have known for quite some time. Just watch cartoons with a child and you’ll see what I mean. Maybe this is the year of the online game.


Jon R.

Well, for one thing, Nick gets by pretty well because everyone already knows what Nickelodeon’s about, having watched it on TV themselves as children. Actually, they probably found out about Nicktropolis the same way.

Otherwise, the ‘net is a bit trickier navigate as a user than cable TV is.

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