N-Gage Again? Seriously?

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When people talk about handheld failures, it’s pretty hard to forget about the N-Gage, Nokia’s failed excursion into the mobile arena. The N-Gage came on to the scene in 2003 and by 2005 it was on its way out. When the news hit that Nokia had declared the N-Gage a failure, they had said that they would put the N-Gage on hold until 2007. Well, it’s 2007 and it’s back.

There’s one gap that hasn’t been bridged in the mobile community, and that’s between mobile phone and full-fledged game machine. Either you end up with a terrible phone that does a half-assed job of playing games or the other way around. That’s why the market is ready for something like the N-Gage, but poor implementation has held it back. Nokia is hoping that this time is a little different.

The word on the street (not really, just the word from this one site called PocketGamer) is that Nokia held a super-duper secret conference to show developers the new hardware. Inside information have placed developers from Square Enix, Vivendi, EA and others at the the show, so maybe this time we’ll have some quality titles with our almost useful phone. Hey, if this thing fails too, maybe I can just scream into my DS Lite… at least it plays games well.

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