Google, now more web worker friendly

Google has always been at the forefront for those that do work online. From their easy to use free 2GB of email storage with Gmail, to Google Talk for chatting and voice calls, and most recently creating and storing Docs and Spreadsheets online. Google definitely makes it easier for people to work and stay productive from wherever there is an internet connection.

On Monday Google announced a new feature they have added into Google Docs and Spreadsheets, the ability to directly open and store files online through Documents and Spreadsheets from your Gmail as a Google document.

The file is stored and can then be opened, edited, shared and collaborated on through the appropriate online application with the click of a link. This saves not only time, but space on hard drives as the document does not have to be downloaded before its opened. Does this make for the possibility that a compact computer with no hard drive is closer than we think? Wifi networks, easy 3G, and companies like Google,, and Zoho are making this quite the possibility.

What do you think? What are your big concerns? Security and/or privacy? Would it make sense for you to move everything you usually store on your hard drive into a secure online location that can be accessed anywhere, or with a computer with no hard drive? What would it take you to do so?


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