Get the Origami Experience for Vista!


Oe_2OK, the Microsoft Origami Project team has hit the giant-sized "publish" button in Redmond and…..we’re waiting for the download to propogate through the servers. Maybe everyone is downloading Vista? Oh, I don’t know but you’ve been waiting for what we showed you and it will be here soon.

Here’s the link that was published; if it’s not working for you yet, catch a 30-minute sitcom or watch our Origami video three times and try again! :)



I’ve seen on the Origami Project forums that it does run on the P1610 but is pixel locked to a 7″ screen. Reports also state it will not run in portrait mode.

Kevin C. Tofel

I suspect that the Origami Experience verifies the native resolution of the device display (among other things) as that’s a key difference between the Origami-based UMPCs and the P1610. Again, just a hunch; I have no idea if this is correct or not.


I have a P1610, and am disappointed to find out that it won’t work. How does the program determine that the hardware is a UMPC if the Vista versions are the same between the UMPC and the P1610?

john cook

well ms in their infinite ahem wisdom chose not to let it run on the p1610 for whatever reason.


microsoft has said 7″ screen or smaller for umpc. as far as i know there’s nothing in a umpc that makes windows recognize it as a special class of computer. if the p1610 worked with the xp touchpack, i don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work with origami just because its screen is 8.9″ instead of 7″ as it still is a touchscreen.


doesnt work on the p1610 cause its not a “umpc”. moronic as they havent really released what makes a umpc a umpc…is it the 7″ screen spec? so the ux280 is out then? this is stupid as the 1610 came with the touch pack for xp. its simply shameful that the new verion doesnt work.


what exactly does the origami experience require? just a touchscreen? if that’s true, it would mean the fujitsu 1610 or the hp tx1000 when it comes out could run the origami experience even though it isn’t technically a umpc.


Finally got it working after about a dozen tries. Thanks for the link! :)


I won’t even think about it until I finally get 1024 x 600 emulation working in Vista. One of these days..

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