Five Vlogs You Need to See

While web shows like Rocketboom (and the Amanda Congdon show), ScobleShow, Ask a Ninja and lonelygirl15 pull down cable television numbers, and a million others on YouTube are busy making faces on camera for a few friends and family, there’s a whole world of great content somewhere in the middle. Jet Set, Geek Entertainment TV, Cranky PWA, French Maid TV, Can We Do That? and Almost There immediately come to mind as shows you should know if you don’t already. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg — after the jump, some of my favorites that I don’t hear come up in conversations nearly often enough.

Feed Me Bubbe: When I need good kosher food, there’s only three words I need to know: Feed me, Bubbe. This cooking show from Avrom Honigs ‘s Chalutz Productions features a real, live grandmother making classic comfort food in her own kitchen. It’s also doing wonders to introduce a new generation to the glories of yiddish, the ur tongue of all good punchlines.

Freshtopia: Can you tell I love food shows? Freshtopia’s host Tanja Andrews introduces topics focused on good ingredients and healthy living in a stylish and engaging show. And it’s just one of a slew of great sites about sustainability and the environment like Treehugger TV and Sustainable Route.

Human Dog Laboratories: Momentshowing’s Jay Dedman is a fan and tipped me to this. Professor Chris Weagel broadcasts this wonderfully weird show from the shores of St. Clair Shores, Michigan. Imagine an even more surreal version of Beakman’s World, except with more kitties.

Valdezatron Industries: Speaking of surreal, it doesn’t get much more trippy than some of the fantastically edited collages of eclectic video material than this. Yes, it probably infringes on more copyrights in a minute than your average hip-hop producer, but as an existential statement on the video-saturated culture we live in, I’d argue that it’s fair use. Also, I’d argue it’s hilarious.

Rabbit Bites: Buns and Chou Chou are an opinionated pair of vermin with a taste for online video. They’ve interviewed everyone from Revver’s Micki Krimmel to Ze Frank, and have a twitchy nose for news on the celebrity beat. Though the high-pitched rabbit voices take some getting used to.


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