Atlanta becomes web worker friendly

Blanketed wifi, what’s better than that for a web worker. The ability to work absolutely anywhere without using a piece of equipment like Cingular’s wifi access card. The City of Atlanta is another city about to enter the muni-wifi program. They have teamed up with EarthLink to offer high speed access for anyone in the city, including businesses, home users, and visitors.

Of course there will be a fee for it, but the good news is that Atlanta will be working to provide discounted access for lower income individuals. Its great news for the city, but even greater news for workers that depend on an internet connection for business wherever they might be. Let’s hope that other cities start ramping up to jump into the municipal wifi program soon. This is after all not only a great way for cities to make some extra cash, but a way to improve infrastructures and a step closer to the future.


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