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@ AO Media: Lots Of Flat Screens

AlwaysOn Media NYCFlat screens, flat screens everywhere and too much music to think … I’m at the lush Mandarin Oriental headquarters for AO Media, open bars, blogger tables with power strips and all. (Our motto: don’t drink and blog. I’m ingesting copious amounts of oj and tea; if this were a podcast you’d understand.) The opening session is about to start and, as will be the case with all of the Always On panels this week, the webcasts are open to the viewing public. Not sure if you can hear the music … it’s actually pretty decent albeit a tad loud. Maybe someone can share a playlist. There’s also a live chat going on.
I’ll have more from the opening panel — Surviving the Media Disruption — when it gets underway. Panelists: Eric Hippeau, managing director, Softbank Capital; Peter Hirshberg, chairman, Technorati; Steven Yee, SVP, Reuters. Moderator: Bill Cleary, founder, CKS Partners.
The panel has yet to begin … instead, we’re watching a couple of videos: AlwaysOn’s Tony Perkins in Davos and Cleary with some pretty funny man on the street questions in San Francisco, including “is global warming hurting the blogosphere?” (Some cheapish shots interviewing people who don’t speak much English.) Now a video with Peter Hirshberg interviewing kids about internet, TV, MySpace, etc. Best answer: Would you like to be a network president? No, too much stress. Also from Hirshberg, a year-old “movie trailer” rated RD for rapid disintermediation: “The world we knew was forever disintermediated — whatever that means.”
An hour in and we’re still doing presentations … now Hirshberg is doing a product announcement with Carla Hendra, co-CEO, Ogilvy North America — they’ll be looking for “citizen brand builders,” she says.
After recognizing the AO 100, the panel is finally underway. (A lot of people have left.) Some bits that stand out:
Steve Yee, responding to the assertion of Michael Yavonditte, CEO, Quigo, (an addition to the panel) that online can mirror magazines’ reach: “You can reach the right people but if you don