Verizon Couldn’t Come to Terms

USA TODAY reports that Verizon turned-down the possibility of working with Apple on the iPhone. Two years ago the 2nd largest cell network decided that they couldn’t come to terms with Apple on a deal that would be mutually beneficial.

I can understand Verizon’s stance on not wanting to give up so much control over the design and implementation process – that was a giant leap of faith on Cingular’s part – but Apple will have it’s way [it seems]. I hesitate to make the comparison, but Apple’s absolute control over how things play out is reminiscent of Wal-mart’s strong-arming of manufacturers. Verizon also cites the issue of allowing Apple to support and replace hardware themselves, rather than the cell carrier’s own customer service.

I think it’ll be interesting to see how many customers migrate away from Verizon – whether that be by terminating their contracts early or letting them run out before switching over – just for the opportunity to get an iPhone through Cingular. I wonder what the actual costs/losses will look like over the next 12-18 months.

Silly or smart decision? Despite your take on it, I admire Verizon for sticking to their guns on the way they want to do business…Hopefully they fare better than the manufacturers who did the same when Wal-mart came a knocking.


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