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UMPC Search: follow Alex in his UMPC quest

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Noticed that Alex started a blog about 10 days ago; he’s a long-time Tablet PC user and currently inks on an Acer TravelMate C110. Alex is detailing his quest search for a UMPC and invites you to follow along with him during this road. I always find it refreshing to see what an individual’s computing needs are, followed by the rationale and decision-making process before they actually pull the trigger. Tagging along down this path can actually help you decide on and/or prioritize your UMPC requirements, so why not follow along with Alex and share your own thoughts with him?

2 Responses to “UMPC Search: follow Alex in his UMPC quest”

  1. Alex, hopefully you find the right UMPC for your needs I sure did and got the Q1P because of its features. One great feature is that am getting 3 hrs on the 3 cell battery and getting 6.5 hrs on the 6 cell battery which is great for me because am on the road 90% of the time. I do have a car charger but its good not to worry about the battery. The proformance is great so far I have the tablet edition loaded along with Vista Business and so far very stable on both but it does seem run very quick under Vista.

  2. Kevin, James, thanks for mentioning my site. I appreciate it. Hopefully my posts will help others with their UMPC purchasing decision. Also, great site. I always learn alot reading your posts.